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SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery, SOAR, is a national evidence-based practice model designed to assist with the completion of SSI/SSDI applications for individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness who have a mental health or co-occurring substance use disorder. ABC can assist participants living in our programs with zero or low income to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. We know the SSI/SSDI application process is challenging and we are here to help navigate the system in an easier way to reduce the barriers to applying.

We will serve as the appointed representative for the sole purpose of applying for SSI/SSDI, not as a representative payee. Our goal is to assist you in becoming self-sufficient and live independently in your community.

If you are a participant in our housing program and would like to schedule an appointment for a pre-screen, please give us a call.

You may contact the SOAR Benefit Specialists:

Jayne Klages



If you are a provider and would like to refer a participant to us, please fill out the referral form and email it to us.

SOAR Referral Form

National #’s:

We estimate that in 2016 alone, SSI/SSDI for the individuals served by SOAR brought over $300 million into the economies of participating states and localities.

Taken together, since 2006, SOAR is responsible for assisting 36,112 persons who were experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access Social Security disability benefits.

Decisions on SOAR-assisted initial applications were received in an average of 101 days in 2016, an increase of 20 days from 2015. The national SOAR allowance rate for 2016 is 67 percent. This compares to the initial allowance rate of 28 percent for all persons aged 18–64 who applied for SSI/SSDI in 2013.

Of the applications assisted using SOAR, 65 percent, representing 31,356 persons, were approved for SSI/SSDI upon initial application since SOAR began. An additional 4,756 persons, whose applications were denied initially, were approved on reconsideration or appeal.

Darrell, ABC’s first SOAR approval

Darrell had applied for SSI/SSDI unsuccessfully three times (with a lawyer) when he was referred to ABC by his housing provider, HOM, Inc. After a grueling six-month process, Darrell was finally awarded his SSI with back pay! He was so happy and thankful.

In his words:

Receiving SSI after so many failures and so many years has drastically changed my life.  I have my own money to take care of myself.  I don’t feel like a mooch.  I get to pay my rent and my utilities. It feels good to be able to take care of myself.  I now feel like I’m productive. I can’t thank Pamela and ABC enough for all they did for me!