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AHCCCS Housing Programs (AHP)

Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation and HOM, Inc. serve as the Centralized Housing Administrator for the AHCCCS Housing Program throughout the state of Arizona. 

ABC provides quality, affordable, and supportive housing for persons with behavioral health needs in Arizona.  Since 1999, ABC has provided housing to tens of thousands of AHCCCS members with a focus on high-quality housing program administration.  You can learn more about ABC at www.azabc.org.

ABC contracts with HOM, Inc., (HOM) to administer rent payments and perform day-to-day housing program operations for the AHCCCS Housing Program.  HOM has been a trusted partner of ABC for over 20 years and currently serves over 3,500 households in housing for ABC and other partners throughout Arizona.  They will be your primary contact after October 1, 2021.  You can learn more about HOM at www.hominc.com.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the transition of the housing assistance is seamless and without disruption to our participants and all involved.  The following FAQ provides helpful information related to this change.


AHCCCS Housing Program Guidebook

AHCCCS Housing Program Application Guide

Homeless Verification Letter (HVL) Template

AHP Eviction Prevention Program


VI-SPDAT for single adults

VI-FSPDAT for families

AHCCCS Housing Program Transition FAQs

General Questions

Why is AHCCCS going to a statewide Housing Administrator?

Based on feedback and review of AHCCCS programs, AHCCCS elected to contract for a statewide Housing Administrator to standardize and improve the effectiveness of its housing programs by:

Providing consistent and quality customer services to members, housing, and service providers.

AHCCCS housing funds are currently administered by the RBHAs through their provider network. By moving from the RBHAs to a statewide housing administrator, AHCCCS will:

  • Standardize services and housing programs across the state
  • Introduce new or expand to statewide housing supports including new housing search tools, move in kits and utility assistance.
  • Ensure all AHCCCS supported units are safe, habitable, and fairly priced
  • Reduce administrative costs to increase available housing funds.

ABC and HOM have over 20 years of experience administering housing programs

What will the statewide Housing Administration do?

ABC and its subcontractor, HOM will be providing housing administration services to AHCCCS members and providers. These services include receiving referrals and housing applications, managing waiting lists, determining eligibility, conducting housing briefings, assisting and supporting members in housing searches, verifying household income and rent contributions, conducting initial and annual Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections, paying rental subsidy to landlords or property owners, and assisting with annual re-certifications and lease renewals.

Please note, ABC and HOM are not health care providers. You will continue to receive services through your integrated clinic, health home, or provider.

What programs will be administered by the Housing Administrator/ABC?

ABC will be responsible for all AHCCCS Housing programs including the administration of rental subsidies for scattered site programs and to providers of Community Living Program models. This does not include Oxford houses, rapid re-housing programs, or other grant funded programs. The Housing Administrator will also not be overseeing other housing subsidy programs for AHCCCS members such as HUD Continuum of Care or Housing Choice Vouchers unless ABC or HOM manages those funds on behalf of those funding programs.

Current Housing Member Questions

As a housing program participant, does this change affect my housing assistance?

No, this change does not affect your lease, housing assistance payments or status in the housing program.  Housing assistance payments will continue to be made on behalf of all program participants on October 1, 2021, by HOM, Inc., or your current housing provider.

There should not be any other changes to your rent or subsidy until your current lease is expiring and being renewed. At that time, HOM will review income and other rent calculations and inspections as part of the lease renewal. It is important to note you must still pay any portion of the rent or fees you are currently responsible for as part of your lease and continue to follow all requirements of your current lease or tenancy agreements.

As a housing program participant, does this change affect my supportive services?

No, this change does not affect any services that you receive through your health plan or any case management or supportive services provider. You will continue to receive services from your current provider network.

Will I be able to recertify my eligibility and stay in the program?

Yes, you will be able to re-certify your ongoing eligibility in the housing program as long as you continue to follow all current lease requirements. HOM will review and verify your income, your portion of rent and other program requirements to recertify your participation in the program.

Is there anything I can to assist in the transition?

Here are some steps that might help the transition:

  • Make sure you have an up-to-date release of information on file with your provider so they can share information, notices or housing information with ABC and HOM to facilitate coordination between your housing and care providers.
  • Make sure to provide any notices you receive from your landlord or property manager with HOM and your care provider.
  • Continue to follow all current lease terms including making any tenant portion of rent payment each month.
  • Check to make sure you know your lease end date so you can work with ABC and HOM on your renewal when the time comes.
  • If you are on a waitlist or have been referred for a housing placement, make sure to contact your provider to ensure your information is up to date.

I currently have been given approval for a housing placement and am waiting for move in date or searching for a unit. What should I do?

ABC and HOM will honor all current referrals for housing or persons awaiting placement or searching. ABC and HOM will work with the RBHA and your provider to make sure they are aware of your status. HOM will also contact you to make sure you have attended a briefing and put you in contact with a HOM Housing Specialist who can continue to assist you in your placement or housing search.

I am on a waitlist, do I have to re-enroll? How do I confirm if I am on a wait list?

You do not need to re-enroll. At this point, all RBHA or provider managed waitlists will be transitioned to ABC. ABC may confirm your continued need for housing and interest in staying on the waitlist as part of the transition but will not remove you from the waitlist.

If you have already submitted a housing application through your provider through the RBHA, prior to the October 1, 2021, please confirm with the RBHA Housing Department or have your provider confirm with the RBHA Housing Department in your service area. After October 1st, you can contact ABC at the contact information below for your status. After October 1st, ABC will notify your provider if your application is selected for a housing referral to an available vacancy.

Member in need of housing assistance

I am homeless and need housing, what do I do?

All referrals to AHCCCS housing programs will be made by clinical providers and care teams. If you have a housing need, make sure to contact your provider for all assessments or referrals necessary for housing including a provider referral to ABC.

Landlord Questions

As a landlord, does this change affect my current Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract or agreement with the current Housing Provider?

AHCCCS has designated ABC and HOM as the organizations responsible for administering the AHCCCS Housing Program and they will perform the duties and responsibilities under existing contracts until such time that HOM executes new agreements with landlords for ongoing housing assistance.  For more information for landlords, please visit https://www.hominc.com/landlords-program-basics/.

We’ve also written several blog posts for landlords in the last year that provide information on many important topics and program features.  Please visit https://www.hominc.com/blog/ to read those posts.

As a landlord, how will my payments be made?

HOM makes its housing assistance payments electronically using ACH and will initially allow payment by check during the transition period for new landlords.  Payments for ALL housing program participants will be made in one ACH payment for existing landlords.  The HOM ACH Authorization form is available on our web site at: https://www.hominc.com/wp-content/uploads/HOM_Direct_Deposit_Authorization_9_20.pdf – and returning it to landlordsupport@hominc.com

HOM Landlord Support Specialists will work with you during the transition to get you set up on ACH.  By receiving your payments via an ACH, it ensures that your rental payment(s) will be deposited into your bank account the first business day of each month and your payments will not get lost or delayed in the mail.  It also reduces chances for fraud that we all face every day with check washing, phony checks, and the like.  An email is sent to as many email addresses as each landlord wants to designate that is itemized with the participant’s name, unit address and specifically what is being paid by the ACH, making rent posting a breeze for onsite or corporate finance teams.

Provider Questions

One of my members currently receives AHCCCS funded housing, who do I contact if my member has questions about their housing?

Each currently housed member is assigned at Housing Specialist at HOM who can assist with any housing related questions or concerns. You may contact HOM at 602-296-6594 and leave a message and a member of our team will return your call within 24 hours.  You can also send an email to AHP@hominc.com.

As a behavioral health provider, how do I refer members to the AHCCCS Housing Program?

Referral sources must be on the approved list of agencies per the PSH Guidebook provided by AHCCCS. An approved referral agency will complete the AHP application. This application will then be sent via secure email. For more details, please email ABC at ahpapplications@azabc.org and member of their team will assist you.

Other Questions

Is HOM new to administering housing programs?

HOM has been a trusted partner of ABC for over 20 years and currently serves over 3,500 households in housing for ABC and other partners throughout the Arizona.

Who should I call if I have concerns or questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to apply or waitlist questions you can contact ABC at AHPinfo@azabc.org or 602-712-9200.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your current housing assistance or other specific housing participation questions you can contact HOM at 602-296-6594 and leave a message, a member of our team will return your call within 24 hours.  Or you can send an email to AHP@hominc.com.