501 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85012

Board of Directors and Employees

ABC Board of Directors:

Susie Morales Chairwoman
Matthew Kennedy Vice Chairman
Sue Gilbertson Secretary
David Tierney Treasurer
Terry Bachmeier
Richard Dunseath
Dr. Deborah Gross
Julie Prue Cauich
Elizabeth Morales
Michael Wilson
Vicky Staples

ABC Employees:

Anna Verdugo – Housing Occupancy Supervisor

Art Medis – Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Olayo – Housing Advocate

Charles Sullivan – President and Chief Executive Officer

Fred Atkins – Controller

Jayne Klages – Housing Occupancy Coordinator

Jenny McLellan – Director of Operations

Jodi Herfurth – Administrative Coordinator

Kirby Gibbar – Housing/Network Administrator

Kris Weaver – AHCCCS Housing Programs Administrator

Ted Williams – Founder

Tricia Gipson – Housing Programs Administrator

Vanessa Carthell – Director of Housing