501 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85012

Board of Directors and Employees

ABC Board of Directors:

Melissa Thomas Chairwoman
Maria Cholley Vice Chairwoman
Terry Bachmeier Secretary
Richard Dunseath Treasurer
Elizabeth Morales
Michael Wilson
Dr. Deborah Gross
Vicky Staples
Laura Hartgroves
Liz Smithhart

ABC Employees:

Anita Long – Housing Administrative Assistant

Anna Verdugo – Housing Occupancy Supervisor

Bobby Olayo – Housing Advocate

Charles Sullivan – President and Chief Executive Officer

Fernanda Gonzalez – Data Support Specialist

Fred Atkins – Acting Chief Financial Officer

Jenny McLellan – Director of Operations

Jodi Herfurth – AHP Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator

Karla Mejia-Rivera – Administrative Coordinator

Kirby Gibbar – Housing/Network Administrator

Kris Weaver – Housing Compliance Manager

Tammy Pancoast – Housing Occupancy Specialist

Ted Williams – Founder

Vanessa Carthell – Director of Housing