501 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85012

Board of Directors and Employees

ABC Board of Directors:

Susie Morales Chairwoman
Matthew Kennedy Vice Chairman
Sue Gilbertson Secretary
David Tierney Treasurer
Terry Bachmeier
Richard Dunseath
Dr. Deborah Gross
Julie Prue Cauich
Elizabeth Morales
Michael Wilson

ABC Employees:

Anna Verdugo – Housing Occupancy Coordinator

Art Medis – Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Olayo – Housing Advocate

Charles Sullivan – President and Chief Executive Officer

Fred Atkins – Controller

Jayne Klages – Housing Advocate

Jenny McLellan – Director of Operations

Jodi Herfurth – Administrative Coordinator

Kirby Gibbar – Housing/Network Administrator

Ted Williams – Founder

Tricia Gipson – Housing Programs Administrator

Vanessa Carthell – Director of Housing