501 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85012


November 9, 2017

Ms. Cotton is a courageous, inspirational woman who has weathered many a storm to stand before us today wearing that glowing smile.

At the young age of 13, she was homeless, afraid and alone. She grew up fast, experiencing trauma after trauma. Ms. Cotton was introduced to ABC through Recovery Innovations. She entered and survived many episodes of addiction and depression, had given birth to two children and had the presence of mind to volunteer her children up to (then) Child Protective Services. She was traumatized, overwhelmed and unemployed. In 2005, she connected to Magellan Health Services (the Regional Behavioral Health Authority) and entered into ABC’s housing program in 2008.

Clean and sober since 2012, Ms. Cotton describes each and every day as a miracle. She shared that her Housing Specialist didn’t judge her or make “being clean” a condition of her housing. Instead, she was not only well educated on all housing aspects but went above and beyond to show Ms. Cotton that she was special, cared for and worth it, and that she was created for more than what her past said about her. Ms. Cotton’s Housing Specialist nicknamed her “Ms. Optimistic” and that name has stuck since 2008. This is the name she now calls herself!

L to R: Ms. Cotton with Kayla McGhee

THANK YOU, MS. COTTON, for sharing with us the gift of YOU!