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Ricky’s SOAR Story

August 20, 2018

You guys saved my life, I’m being serious!  When you come out of CASS they don’t tell you what to expect, it wasn’t like that here (ABC).  You held my hand, when we were in the car you made it so much better by telling me over and over again where we were going and what we were doing.  My home is my safe space and you made it easier for me to go out; you guys are great!

You guys bought me a burrito!  I haven’t had a burrito in 3 ½ years!  I told you that the first thing I would buy if I got SSI was a burrito from Taco Bell and I did!  The second thing you helped me get was a bed.  I haven’t slept in a real bed since I left Safe Haven 2 years ago!

What receiving SSI means for me is that I can pay back people I had to borrow money from for living supplies, like from my cousin in West Virginia (that’s how far away my family is).  I had a bad family upbringing it was terrible.  Getting SSI means I can get the things I need for myself, you’ve helped me more than anything or anyone.  I’m starting to realize that people do care about disabled people.

I haven’t had money in years, so even spending one dollar I get trippy but I know I’ll be alright.

Thank you Pamela & Jayne!